Roger Marshall for Kansas

Case Study


With long-time Republican incumbent Pat Roberts retiring, his open Senate seat drew heavy attention from Chuck Schumer and Democratic special interest groups seeking to flip Kansas blue for the first time since 1932.

Democrats hoped Republicans would nominate failed gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach, who would lose to Republican-turned-Democrat Barbara Bollier in the general election and secure a Democratic Senate Majority.

We helped deliver Dr. Roger Marshall, a conservative Congressman backed by Senator Bob Dole and The Farm Bureau, a stunning primary victory, defeating Kobach by over 14% after showcasing Marshall's strong pro-life record and Kobach's inability to win a tough election.

Bollier raised an unprecedented $25 million and outspent Marshall nearly 4-1, but our consistent messaging -- exposing Bollier's partisan record and highlighting Marshall's commitment to problem-solving and defending Kansan values -- contributed to Marshall's 12-point victory.



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